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Required Coursework

The online M.S. in STEM Education coursework is arranged into five sessions each year with a thoughtful eye on the PreK-12 school calendar. The total number of semester hours required to complete the degree is 36. 

Program Core

18 Semester Hours

Course Number Course Name Semester Hours
EDTL:6761 STEM Research and Leadership Seminar 3hrs
EDTL:6762 STEM Experiential Learning 3hrs
EDTL:6563 STEM Through Mathematical Modeling 3hrs
EDTL:5095 Issues in US Schools 3hrs
Science or math graduate-level courses at the 3000 level or above in the following subject areas: BIOL, CHEM, EES, MATH, PHYS, or other courses if approved (consult advisor) 6hrs
STEM Independent Research (Planned in coordination with an academic advisor) 6hrs
EDTL:6764 STEM Extracurricular Experience and Capstone 6hrs

STEM Independent Research

6 Semester Hours

The online M.S. in STEM Education program requires 6 semester hours of independent action research, planned in coordination with the course instructor. The subject and execution of the research will vary by student, based on their interests and goals. Students will initiate the research by developing a literature review that will then form the basis for a research project carried out in an authentic setting.

Additional Coursework

6 Semester Hours

There are 6 semester hours of additional coursework required that can include the following (and other courses as available).

Course Number Course Name Semester Hours
EDTL:6534 Foundations of Mathematics Education 3hrs
EDTL:6570 Foundation of School Mathematics Curriculum 3hrs
EDTL:5535 Current Issues in Mathematics Education 3hrs
PSQF:4740 Issues in K-12 Assessment 3hrs
PSQF:4750 Learning Environment / Design, Content, Activity 3hrs
PSQF:4760 Participatory Learning and Media: Creating, Remixing, Making and Education 3hrs
EDTL:5085 Technology Integration in 21st Century K12 Schools 3hrs
EDTL:5090 Diversity & Identity in K12 Schools 3hrs
EDTL:5093 Teaching & Learning for a Global Perspective 3hrs

STEM Extracurricular Experience and Capstone

6 Semester Hours

The capstone is 90 hours of field work combined with observational reporting and a culminating project. Working teachers can complete the capstone during the summer months, or potentially during weekends or evenings if they are finishing in the spring or fall. Because this will ideally be the last course of the program, activity in the course will be primarily spent on field experience, with some reporting about the experiences and submission of a final project (such as a presentation or report). The capstone course counts for 6 credit hours towards your degree total and can be completed in 8 or 16 weeks. Each student will work with the course instructor to determine the best time for field experiences.

Sites will vary according to the goals of the student. The student will work with the course instructor to identify the sites for the extracurricular experience, but these could include academic environments and applied environments (such as working with the Department of Natural Resources). Students can find and secure their own placement with verification and approval by the program, or program faculty can help the student find a suitable placement.

Iowa K-12 STEM Education Specialist Endorsement

The Iowa K-12 STEM Education Specialist endorsement is a State of Iowa Endorsement only. If students wish to obtain the Iowa K-12 STEM Specialist Endorsement in addition to earning the M.S., they must:

  • Demonstrate completion of 12 semester hours of science and 12 hours of math content course work. Credit is granted for math and science content course work completed as part of the M.S. program.
  • Complete an additional 3 hours of engineering or technological design course work. Students will work with a faculty advisor to obtain the necessary additional courses.

Students interested in learning more about obtaining this endorsement should discuss the requirements for the endorsement with their advisor as soon as they are accepted into the program. If you have additional questions about program requirements, please contact us at (844) 542-8893 or

Sample Course Sequence

36 Semester Hours (24 Month Program – August Start)

The following is an example of a course sequence in the online M.S. in STEM Education program. Course offerings in each session are subject to change based on various factors.

Sequence Course Title Start Date End Date
1 STEM Research & Leadership Seminar (3hrs) August October
2 STEM Through Mathematical Modeling (3hrs) October December
Winter Break
3 Mathematics in Management & Society (3hrs) January March
Spring Break – Spring Break 2019 occurs during the second week of the second session.
4 STEM Experiential Learning (3hrs) March May
Early Summer Break
5 Issues in US Schools (3hrs) June August
6 Elective: Diversity and Identity in K-12 Schools (3hrs) June August
Late Summer Break
7 Physical Science in STEM Education (3hrs) August October
8 October December
Winter Break
9 Elective: Technology Integration in K-12 Schools (3hrs) January March
Spring Break
10 STEM Independent Research – Phase II (3hrs) March May
Early Summer Break
11 STEM Extracurricular Experience & Capstone (6hrs) June July